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career counselor/career coach

  • Counsel students regarding educational issues, such as course and program selection, class scheduling and registration, school adjustment, truancy, study habits, and career planning.
  • Instruct individuals in career development techniques such as job search and application strategies, resume writing, and interview skills.
  • Compile and study occupational, educational, and economic information to assist counselees in determining and carrying out vocational and educational objectives.
  • Refer students to degree programs based on interests, aptitudes, or educational assessments.
  • Plan and conduct orientation programs and group conferences to promote the adjustment of individuals to new life experiences such as starting college.
  • Plan and promote career and employment-related programs and events, such as career planning presentations, work-experience programs, job fairs, and career workshops.

career counselor

  • Provide information on funeral service options, products, or merchandise and maintain a casket display area.
  • Mix raw materials or catalysts to manufacture nanoparticles according to specifications, ensuring proper particle size, shape, or organization.
  • Participate in the development of study protocols including guidelines for administration or data collection procedures.
  • Assess eligibility of potential subjects through methods such as screening interviews, reviews of medical records, and discussions with physicians and nurses.
  • Prepare grant proposals, budgets, and program policies and goals, or assist in their preparation.
  • Perform duties related to livestock reproduction, such as breeding animals within appropriate timeframes, performing artificial inseminations, and helping with animal births.
  • Install guide wires on exterior surfaces of buildings to indicate thickness of plaster or stucco and nail wire mesh, lath, or similar materials to the outside surface to hold stucco in place.

career counselor

  •  Counsel and advice students and graduates, individually or in groups, on issues related to planning career goal. 
  •  Develop, coordinate, facilitate, and/or present career development modules and special workshops (e.g. resume development, identifying internship opportunities, etc.) 
  • Counsel and advise students and graduates in making career related decisions, using assessment instruments where appropriate; assist students (and graduates) in the use of existing resources for learning about careers of interest to them; critique resumes, and assist with programs and services related to placement activities. 
  • Provide information on specific programs, and make referrals where appropriate, to services offered by the faculty/university or by organizations for the career enhancement of the individual. 
  • Schedule and confirm appointments for Employers ,customers, or supervisors.

career counselor

  • Provides life cycle career management and counseling to more than 448 Army Reserve Soldiers
  • Manages and executes supported units’ reenlistment programs
  • Writes, proofreads, and edits written contracts and memorandums using Army writing guidelines and policies
  • Plans, prepares, and instructs retention-related courses to supported units’ Soldiers
  • Assists fellow Career Counselors outside of area in the performance of their duties and absence 

career counselor

  • Enforced the Buddy System mentoring program between 1st and 5th grade students, increasing student development and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Developed career and education plans based on individual needs.
  • Kept detailed records of individual histories, scores and documents.
  • Equipped students with job search skills to increase success chances.
  • Served on School Affiliation Board and revised the institute’s policies and rules.
  • Provided individualized counseling approaches based on socioeconomic status and cultural background.