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One of the overarching goals of just about every company, regardless of size or industry, is to become known and trusted. After all, it’s far easier to attract customers and increase profit margins if customers are already familiar with a company’s brand and the quality goods and services they offer. However, this has become increasingly difficult to do in an age where customers have become more discerning about which companies they wish to hand over their hard-earned cash to.

At the same time, trust in word of mouth recommendations has only gone from strength to strength. There is no shortage of studies that highlight how powerful such recommendations are in influencing consumer decisions. For example, a study conducted by Nielsen found that recommendations are one of the top three influences that impact consumers' decisions before they go shopping. 

It makes complete sense, then, that more and more companies are looking for brand ambassadors to effectively represent and recommend their products or services to consumers. This is great news for experienced and entry-level brand ambassadors. But considering that a brand ambassador acts as the face of a given company, keep in mind that companies aren’t willing to hire just anyone. They want to hire someone who not only perfectly encapsulates their brand, but also has the necessary skills to excel in the role. 

So what can you do to show companies that you’re the right brand ambassador for the job? Fix up your resume. Whether you’ve long been gunning for a particular job or you’re trying to score your very first gig, applying with an incredible brand ambassador resume is what will finally get you there. 

Your resume isn’t just going to fix itself, which is why you need to start working on it ASAP. Below, we’ve comprehensively outlined exactly what you need to do to ensure your resume represents you in the best possible light.

Once you take a read of our brand ambassador resume examples and writing guide, you’ll discover useful expert insights such as:

  • Best practices for the format and layout of your resume
  • Which qualifications you should emphasize in your resume
  • How to pinpoint the right skills to focus on
  • How to absolutely ace your interview
  • A more efficient way to piece together a resume that gets you the job

1. Multiple Template Examples

2. How Do You Write a Brand Ambassador Resume That Will Get You the Job?

How to format your resume

Given the nature of your job, you’ll know better than most about the importance of presenting yourself in a professional manner. First impressions count, and making a positive one can be the difference between a customer buying into your message or rejecting it. 

In a similar vein, formatting your brand ambassador resume can have a sizable influence on how a recruiter perceives you as a professional. Even if your resume itself is convincing, poor-formatting can leave a sour taste in a recruiter’s mouth.

It’s therefore integral to use a tried-and-true resume format that will ensure your resume conveys both in looks and content what a competent individual you are. If you were to ask 100 recruiters and hiring managers which resume format does this best for experienced brand ambassadors, the majority would not hesitate to say “reverse-chronological format.”

Reverse-chronological format is known for being highly-regarded in the HR industry because it focuses on the resume section recruiters and hiring managers are generally most interested in: your “Employment History” section. It arranges each of the jobs you’ve undertaken in your career in reverse-chronological order so that your progression as a professional is strongly emphasized.

Speaking of making the right first impression, your resume’s layout is another critical consideration that shouldn’t be dismissed. HR staff have strong opinions about this matter, so you’ll need to be cautious not to make a wrong move! We’ve summarized the chief rules to keep in mind as you’re piecing together your resume below.

    • Number of Pages: 1 page at most.
    • Fonts to Use: A serious font that you would feel comfortable using to write a report to your manager that summarizes the results of your brand ambassador work for the company. For example, Garamond or Arial. 
    • Fonts to Avoid: Any font that will compromise the professional image you’ve spent so long crafting. For example, Groovy Ghosties or Magneto Bold.
    • Margins: 1 inch on all sides.
  • Line Spacing: 1 or 1.15.
  • Header size: 14-16 point size.
  • Text size: 11-12 point size.

Pro tip: Wondering if you should still adopt a functional resume format if you’re an up-and-coming brand ambassador? It’s best not to, as doing so will shine a light on the patchy – or non-existent – nature of your professional experience. HR staff generally recommend that entry-level candidates should use a functional resume instead, which is designed to focus on your “Skills” section first and foremost.

What makes a great brand ambassador resume? 

A great brand ambassador resume should be written in a way which communicates precisely why you should be considered a top contender for the job. It shouldn’t just tell a recruiter or hiring manager this, but rather, explain why this is so in a convincing manner.

Naming specific and relevant skills, experiences, qualifications, and attributes that you offer as a brand ambassador as well as using engaging examples to illustrate them will go a long way in showing why you’re a one-of-a-kind ambassador.

While you should spend the majority of your energy making your resume sound intriguing, don’t underestimate the importance of making it look the part as well. Even before a recruiter has the chance to read what you’ve written, they’ll process how it looks.

As harsh as it sounds, if your resume looks jumbled and difficult to read, there’s a good chance a recruiter will simply toss it aside. As such, ensuring your resume is well-formatted and boasts the correct layout should also be an important consideration to keep in mind.

Finally, if you want your brand ambassador resume to be considered great, you’ll need to target it for each application. Be sure to keep reading, as we’ll discuss this process in more detail directly below.

How can you target your resume for each application so you give recruiters what they’re looking for?

We just shared some notable qualities that make for a great brand ambassador resume in general. However, you need to remember that every job is different and so is every recruiter or hiring manager. That means that in order to get hired, you need to please the particular recruiter or hiring manager who is in charge of the hiring process for the job you’re interested in. 

After all, a company isn’t interested in hiring an excellent brand ambassador for any which company – so a recruiter or hiring manager needs to track down someone who is an ideal fit for the specific job they’re hiring for. This is why it’s crucial to avoid using the same resume for each application. Generic resumes are far less likely to meet the criteria listed in a job ad than a resume that was specially made to target those very criteria.

You can therefore give yourself the best shot of getting hired by targeting your resume for each application. This entails addressing the specific criteria a recruiter or hiring manager has detailed in a job ad. All you need to do is carefully analyze a job ad to work out which specific qualities they are after.

The easiest way to do this is by searching it for what is termed ‘keywords’. Keywords are words recruiters and hiring managers use to represent the specific qualities they’re looking for. In most cases, keywords will be related to an ideal candidate’s skills, experiences, qualifications, and attributes.

If you customize your resume around the keywords that match up with your own qualities, you’ll be able to create a resume that directly addresses what a recruiter or hiring manager is looking for.

What are ideal brand ambassador job qualifications and how do you list them correctly?

Knowing which job qualifications recruiters are after could give you the edge you need to score your dream job. Brand ambassadors – particularly those who are just starting out – may mistakenly believe that their large social media followings and/or great personality traits will be enough to secure any job they desire.

While some companies may indeed be happy to accept you on the spot for those attributes, reputable companies will generally want to look over your qualifications in your resume. This is particularly the case for well-known companies with appealing brand ambassador programs. While it will take more work on your behalf to impress these companies, these are the types of programs you should be aiming for if you want to make it in the industry.

So which qualifications are ideal to highlight in your resume? Here’s a summary of what you need to know:


There are no mandatory educational requirements to become a brand ambassador. That being said, most jobs will require you to at least have a high school diploma. If you’re currently completing an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree or you already have on, that’s even better.

Ideally, your degree should be in a field that’s relevant to your work as a brand ambassador, such as marketing or communication and media studies. But even if it’s in a different field, it’s still best practice to share your highest level of educational attainment on your resume. 

To include your educational background in your brand ambassador resume, create an “Education” section. Make sure to provide enough details about each degree or diploma, so that the recruiter can gauge just how qualified you are in this regard. To this end, don’t skimp on details like following candidate did:


  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication and Media

By providing the right amount of information, you’ll be able to provide recruiters with the insights they’re after. Below, we’ve shared the key details you should provide about each degree or diploma in list form: 

  • The name of the degree or diploma
  • The name of the school or college
  • The state the school or college is located in
  • The years you studied

For example:


  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication and Media, Northeastern University, MA, 2016 - 2020

Training and Certifications

Similar to the case with educational backgrounds, there are no training sessions or certifications that are mandatory for brand ambassadors to undertake. However it’s pivotal to Include relevant training and certifications in your resume to emphasize how qualified you are for the job.

Needless to say, if the job ad mentions any particular training or certifications the recruiter or hiring manager is after, these will be most ideal to include on your resume. But given that most job ads won’t state ideal training and certifications for a brand ambassador to have, it can be confusing to know what’s worth featuring.

We suggest featuring any you possess that have some tangible connection to your work as a brand ambassador. For example, it would be ideal to include any which are related to the fields of marketing, social media, communications, or business. If you’ve undergone relevant skill-specific training, such as courses about how to improve your oral delivery or how to become a better writer, it would definitely be worth your while to feature these as well.

To include training and certifications in your resume, create a “Training and Certifications” section. Be sure to provide the following information about each one:

  • The name of the training or certification
  • The name of the institution you received it from
  • The state the institution is located in
  • The year you received it

For example:

  • Social Media Bootcamp, General Assembly, MI, 2020

Pro tip: If you’re worried that you don’t offer enough ideal qualifications, keep in mind that you don’t need to offer absolutely everything a recruiter or hiring manager is after in order to be considered a serious contender for the job. Focus your energy on highlighting the relevant qualifications you are able to offer and making them sound as enticing as possible.

Which soft and hard skills to mention? How do you do so correctly?

It’s unfortunate that many people underestimate the range of skills required to be an amazing brand ambassador. As you’ll well be aware, you need to offer certain personality traits, interpersonal skills, as well as practical skills to become a brand ambassador that companies scramble to hire.

These skills can essentially be organized into two distinct categories. On one hand, there’s soft skills, which are intangible skills related to your interpersonal and communication abilities. On the other, there’s hard skills, which are tangible, measurable abilities usually directly related to your job. 

Regarding the question of which soft and hard skills are most valuable to feature in your resume, the answer is that it’s completely dependent on which ones a recruiter has mentioned in the role’s job ad. 

You can select the right skills for each job application by:

  1. Identifying which skills are featured in a job ad. 
  2. Determining which of these skills you possess.

As the skills featured in job ads can vary significantly, this will mean that your resume should almost always feature a different set of skills. As you may recall from our discussion above, this is a key part of targeting your resume! 

The next step after you’ve completed the two steps above is to smoothly incorporate the skills you wish to target into your resume. There are 3 sections we recommend including them:

  • A dedicated “Skills” section: List out 6 to 8 relevant skills using bullet points or commas. 
  • “Resume Objective” or “Resume Summary”: Put a spotlight on 2 to 4 skills that you believe are worth drawing extra attention to.
  • “Employment History” section: Elaborate on all of the relevant skills you wish to target by providing examples of them in action. That is, show how your achievements in your current and past jobs relied on using these very skills. 

If you’re curious to see which soft and hard skills are currently in high-demand, check out our lists below. We compiled them by analyzing real-life brand ambassador job ads to pinpoint some of the major skills recruiters are currently on the hunt for from candidates.

Soft skills

  • Energetic, extroverted personality 
  • Professional demeanor
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Resourceful
  • Strong business acumen
  • Quick decision making skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to make great first impressions 
  • Presentation skills

Hard skills

  • Creating and reinforcing the brand's image and brand awareness
  • Engaging with the general public on social media and at various home shows, trade shows, community shows, fairs, festivals, and parades 
  • Developing knowledge of brands, products, and client services
  • Assisting with lead generation and acquiring new customers
  • Providing customer service and consultative advice
  • Developing marketing materials to support sales efforts
  • Motivating colleagues and speak publicly
  • Providing support to guests per company standards
  • Working closely with staff members to achieve and/ or enhance product goals
  • Tracking and engaging in monthly sale contests

Pro tip: Many jobs will require you to demonstrate that you have a strong social media presence on at least one major social media platform. Some companies may seek brand ambassadors with a certain number of followers and/or a certain type of following (e.g. well-established connections). Be sure to note this on your resume, as appropriate. We suggest including a link to your SM profiles in the “Contact” information section of your resume. You may even wish to share some key metrics in your “Resume Objective” or “Resume Summary.” 

How to write a resume objective or summary and examples of both

When you’re introducing a new product or service as a brand ambassador, you have to first set the scene. Telling your audience that they should buy a product or service without first introducing the brand to them is a surefire way to lose followers. 

In a similar vein, the very first thing that you should highlight in your resume an insightful overview of who you are. Just think of yourself like a brand that you’re trying to sell to recruiters and hiring managers! 

So how do you do this? 

Resume objective

If you’re an entry-level candidate, include a “Resume Objective.” This section should:

  • Appear below your “Contact Information” section.
  • Be a total of 2 to 4 sentences long.
  • Focus on highlighting why you’re an ideal candidate, despite the fact that you don’t have much or any experience as a brand ambassador.

Take a look at the following brand ambassador resume objective example to see what not to write:

  • With an eye-boggling number of followers across all major social media platforms, I boast the popularity and influence to make a real impact at Vinyasa Clothing. I have a shining personality and a multitude of useful skills as well. I don’t have any experience as a brand ambassador but given what a catch I am, I know that I’ll be a natural. 

The reason you should avoid writing something similar is because this resume objective makes the candidate sound completely unappealing to work with. The vague manner in which they’ve described themselves would make a recruiter question how suitable they are for the job. 

The candidate mentions all of these general attributes they offer without getting into the specifics of them. The tone is also problematic as it makes the candidate seem full of themselves.

Wondering what to aim for instead? Refer to the example below:

  • Aspiring brand ambassador with 800+ followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. I would be an asset to Vinyasa Clothing because in addition to my business acumen and enthusiastic personality, I am an avid yoga practitioner. In order to grow my personal brand, I engage daily with my followers and post multiple times a week. Currently completing a Practical Internet Marketing Certificate at DePaul University.

This candidate covers everything a recruiter could want in a resume summary – in an appropriate tone to boot. They specify relevant details about their social media presence and additionally highlight a handful of impressive soft and hard skills they offer. The candidate also clarifies how they use social media, which is definitely something a recruiter would be interested in.

Unlike the previous candidate, this candidate drives home why they are the right person for this particular job by mentioning their interest in yoga. Another mistake they avoided is explicitly mentioning that they’re inexperienced. Instead, this candidate focuses on drawing attention to their most attractive qualities, such as the highly-relevant certificate they’re currently completing.

Resume summary

If you’re an experienced candidate, include a “Resume Summary.” This section should:

  • Appear below your “Contact Information” section
  • Be a total of 2 to 4 sentences long.
  • Focus on highlighting why you’re an ideal candidate because of your past experience as a brand ambassador in addition to other notable qualities.

To see which mistakes to avoid when writing your brand ambassador resume summary, consider the following example:

  • If my name sounds familiar, it’s no wonder because I’ve been a brand ambassador for many years. During this time, I’ve been recognized countless times because I’ve been the face of large-scale campaigns with major brands. Companies love working with me because I’ve proven myself to be a one-of-a-kind brand ambassador with an enviable skill set other brand ambassadors could only dream of. 

What’s so bad about this resume summary? The candidate not only comes across as having an overinflated ego, but also being all talk. After all, they build themselves up to a big shot brand ambassador by stating how they’re highly-skilled, well-known, and have lots of experience working with big name brands. However, they then fail to share any specific details to make these claims sound credible.

Here’s the standard of writing that you should aim for instead:

  • Brand ambassador with 5+ years of experience working with companies such as H&M, Asos, and Fila. I have leveraged my 50,000+ followers on Instagram to promote products directly to my audience, which I would also do for your company if given the chance. My biggest achievement was achieving sales in excess of $200,000 via a 6 month Instagram campaign. I also have a blog with 2 million views a month which I use to write engaging sponsored posts. 

This candidate is miles ahead of the previous one in every single aspect of their resume summary. They not only make it clear how much experience they have as well as the calibre of companies they’ve worked with, but they also provide specific details which illuminate why they’re highly-qualified for the job. They also do so in a completely professional manner.

For example, they highlight how large their social media and blog followings are and how they’ve strategically made use of them as a brand ambassador. As if that wasn’t enough, the candidate even quantifies their expertise by sharing an impressive achievement that includes eye-catching metrics. 

How to prepare for a job interview as a brand ambassador?

If you’ve received the wonderful news that a company is interested in interviewing you for a brand ambassador position, you’ll probably be equal parts excited and nervous. Whether your interview still weeks away or in a few short days, it’s important to know how to properly prepare for it. Be sure to keep our expert tips below in mind:

  • Know the company inside and out: As a brand ambassador, you’ll need to live and breathe a given company’s products or services. So it won’t be a good look if your knowledge of the company is lacking when the interviewer quizzes you on it. Show the interviewer that you have an almost encyclopedic-level of knowledge of the company by conducting thorough research about it.

    Be sure to commit to memory key facts about the company and their brand ambassador program. For example, look into the company’s overarching goals, their star products or services, the meaning behind the brand, the names of notable members of staff, who the current and past brand ambassadors are and what they achieved, and the goals the company has with their brand ambassador program, etc.
  • Be confident: A brand ambassador needs to project a certain air of confidence about them. After all, it’s part of the job description to expertly interact and communicate with all kinds of people whether online or in real life. While job interview nerves are completely normal, you need to make sure that they don’t get the better of you. To reduce the chances of this happening, we recommend familiarizing yourself with some expert tips for staying calm during an interview.

  • Dress to impress: As the potential face of a company, your interviewer will be taking note not only of your answers, but also of your overall physical presentation. It’s therefore important that you dress to impress. What this means exactly will change depending on the type of interview you’re scheduled for as well as the company you’re interviewing with.

    Don’t assume that you should dress the same to your interview as you would if you get the job. Unless your point of contact has specifically told you to dress in a certain way, err on the side of caution. For example, a yoga clothing brand may request for you come dressed in yoga gear...or they may not. If you’re unsure what to wear, aim to wear at least business casual.

Which questions are likely to be asked during the interview process?

Another crucial step you should take to give yourself the best chance of succeeding in your interview is to practice your answers to commonly-asked interview questions. Needless to say, it’s impossible to anticipate every single question a recruiter will ask you. But you can reasonably do so for the majority of their questions. 

The reason it’s important to practice is because doing so will not only help to calm your nerves, but also make it far more likely you’ll answer the questions in an eloquent and well-thought out manner. Below, we’ve listed 20+ questions that are likely to be asked during a brand ambassador interview:

About Your Professional Experiences, Skills, and Qualities

  • Can you describe your past experience as a brand ambassador?
  • How would you describe your personality?
  • What unique qualities do you bring as a brand ambassador?
  • Can you share some of the results of your past work?
  • What approaches did you take to encourage interest in the previous brands you worked with?
  • What social media platforms are you active on?
  • How many followers do you have on each one?
  • What are the main ways you engage with your followers?
  • Do you feel comfortable talking with new people? 
  • Are you confident in both oral and written communication?
  • What are your strongest and weakest skills as a brand ambassador? 
  • We are trying to target X type of customer. How would you encourage them to engage with our brand?
  • What do you see the role of brand ambassadors being in the future?
  • Why should we hire you?

About the Company

  • Why was our company founded?
  • What is our vision? 
  • What is our slogan? 
  • What problems do we aim to fix?
  • Who are our current brand ambassadors?
  • Can you name some of our past brand ambassadors?
  • What are the strengths of our current brand ambassador program?
  • Do you have any ideas about how we can improve it?
  • Have you used our products/services before? If so, what did you think of them?
  • How would you describe our typical customer?

How do you make your resume stand out?

Companies only have a limited number of brand ambassador positions they need filled. In fact, many companies may just have one available. If you want to get hired, your resume needs to stand out. Follow our tips below to ensure your resume pushes ahead of the pack.

  • Remember that numbers talk: Use metrics like numbers and percentages throughout your “Employment History” section to illustrate your key competencies and achievements. For example, “Increased the brand’s Instagram following by 230%.”

  • Undertake fresh training and certifications: Looking for an easy way to differentiate yourself from other brand ambassadors? Get studying! There are countless online certifications in marketing, SM, and media and communications that are affordable or even free. Once you’re done, don’t let it slip your mind to add them to your “Training and Certifications” section!

  • Don’t hold back: In order to effectively capture the attention of their audience, a brand ambassador needs to be confident in their own abilities. Don’t be shy in shining a light on all of the qualities you offer that make you an amazing brand ambassador.
  • Highlight any relevant volunteer work you’ve completed: Your good deeds could perform double the work by setting you apart from other candidates. Many companies, particularly socially responsible ones, want to work with brand ambassadors who have demonstrated their commitment to helping others. Include any notable volunteer work in a “Volunteer Experiences” section on your resume.

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You know that you have a knack for connecting with customers and communicating why the brand you’re representing is worth looking into. And you’re confident that once hired, your new company will see from day one that they made the right decision in hiring you. All it will take to convince them is one look at how skillfully you engage with customers at events or via your killer social media or blog posts.

The only teeny weeny problem that stands in your way is that you first need to get hired. The harsh reality of the recruitment process is that even if you’re the best brand ambassador out there, you won’t get hired unless your resume ticks all the boxes. 

You have a couple of options at your disposal to do this. You could go ahead and follow all of the insider tips we shared above. As long as you follow them to a tee, you’ll be able to make a solid brand ambassador resume. The downsides are that this process requires expert precision to get everything just right, as well as plenty of time and energy. 

Alternatively, you could hire a professional resume writer. This method should give you the results you want, but there are no guarantees. You’ll also be left with a sizeable dent in your wallet, as resume writers can charge in the hundreds of dollars.

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One of the many draw cards that the thousands of job seekers who have already used it particularly love is that it comes with ready-made resume templates as well as handy pre-written examples to fall back on.

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brand ambassador

  • Store sales
  • Visual merchandise coordinator
  • General store management
  • Set up and display sample merchandise at parties or stands.

brand ambassador

  • Provided consumers with samples of Body Armor and provided brand education, which resulted in increased sales.
  • Responsible for recap reports which included consumer comments, pictures and number of consumers who sampled products.
  • Event set up and tear down.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of F&B community and consumers

brand ambassador (gig base)

  • Drive promotional activities, coordinating with store managers and field manager to market Courvoisier liquor.
  • Independently prep for set up of booth bar, banner, premiums and serve samples to educate and market liquor to Class 6 customers.
  • Responsible for possession of company credit card to make approved purchases and shipping as necessary. 
  • Capture photos and data for recap reports after each event.
  • Sold over 20 bottles on liquor during a slow 3 hour event and received 4 Visa gift cards from field manager as a bonus.

brand ambassador

  • Distributed samples, sold products & engaged event attendees with brand activities & social media platforms in crowds as big as 5000 
  • Tracked inventory and updated stock system, set up & packed down stall. 
  • Selected as part of exclusive team to travel with musical band’s tour. 
  • Direct consumer liquor sales

brand ambassador

  • SONY mobile senior brand ambassador
  • Retail sales in telecommunications 
  • Promote, troubleshoot and resolve product related issues 
  • Participate in Sony product launch and electronic related events 
  • Team leader, providing guidance and information to small teams 
  • Assist upper management by providing feedback on products
  • Coordinating and plan for launch events